Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SWMinis is live as of 8:00 pm EST March 15th, 2011

SWMinis was just approved and is live in the app store!


The 'List by Name' screen shows the figures listed alphabetically. You can flick the list up and down to scroll through all 350+ and watch them whiz by, or go to a letter using the index of letters on the right side of the screen.

The 'Year Introduced' screen breaks down the figures into categories from 1999 to 2011 by the first year they appeared in a retail Lego set. YOu can see the earliest minifigs to the most recent ones. As of publication the figures go up to the most recent releases in early 2011.

The 'My Favorites' screen shows the figures broken down by how you rated them. All the ratings are your ratings and reflect which figures you like the most. When you first get the app all the figures will be unrated until you assign them ratings from one to five stars! If you mark a figure as owned it appears in gold letters in all the lists.

SWMinis has over 350+ unique minifigs, but the differences are sometimes obvious and often subtle for versions of the same character. There are over 20 version of Luke for example, although in some the outfit is clearly different, but in others its as small as changing the head color or eyes. For true collectors, these are the distinctions that matter and one of the main reasons this app was created - to help collectors quickly compare figures visually. This is really apparent once you flick through the figures with the app.

A personal favorite! The first version of R2-D2.

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