Thursday, December 27, 2012

BrickSpace and BrickCraft (Other apps by us!)

BrickSpace is an app for building Micro Lego Spaceships.  These are truly incredible designs by 4estFeller, one of the best micro space designers you can see on Flickr.  The BrickSpace app is the only place you will find instructions on how to build these spaceships and space scenes.  It also has a fun quiz. Learn more here.

BrickCraft is a new app we made that is in the iTunes store. Check it out if you are at all interested in Minecraft and Lego bricks. Click here.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Series 8 Update for MyMinis

Yesterday the MyMinis update for series 8 was submitted, so it should be live/approved in a little over a week, as currently the app store approval wait time seems to be about 10 days.  I was luckily able to find the figs at a Toys R Us store here in a few days ago, but they then appeared in the Lego store yesterday for the time, so September 1 seems to be the official US release date.  They come in a black bag this time and most of them were easy to find but there were a few surprises.  The Conquistador is my favorite! The Touch Guide in the app will help you find them easily. I also fixed the picture for the Bride in Series 7 as her dress was on backwards, and added some additional pictures to the Series 7 Touch Guide.

Friday, August 10, 2012

SWMinis Update History

This is the version update history for SWMinis.

1.1.5 Update (Pending approval)  (3/15/2015):


Figures added:
86 new minifigures were added. They are from the summer wave of 2014, a few missing other figs like Darth Raven, The Luke from the book, and the Sandcrawler, and few others from previous years.  Also added the figs from the January 2015 wave of sets of course . In all this update is the largest content update ever and contains figures from 32 sets. Also included the three holograms versions of  Palpatine and the new Dewback from the Cantina set.

1.1.4 Update (4/10/2014):

Figures added:
Added 32 new 2014 minifigs! Also added the three figures from the Holocron Chamber.

New Features:
Displaying our unique figure code for reference in the lower left corner.

1.1.3 Update (10/15/2013):


Figures added:
Most ever in one update! 58 new figures including the Entire Summer wave, the Ewok Village, the 2013 Advent Calender, Planets Series 3 & 4, and a few promotional figures such as NY Yoda.

New Features:
New iOS7 lighter design, improved detailed figure descriptions and naming, external site links based on figure name search to BrickOwl and BrickSet

New iOS Requirement:
Updated to use iOS7 only due to the layout, font and code changes

Bugs Fixed:
iOS7 fixes, several incorrect photos, some photos were too large and didn't swap correctly

1.1.2 Update (2/18/2013):


Figures added:
27 new Minifigs from the January wave. Added 13 Creatures!

New Features:
Added the 'My Minis' tab screen to see your collection on one screen. This was the #1 requested feature! Also added a second collection screen - a large sortable grid of larger thumbnails. Added a new sort order by major figure or group. All figures can be seen by grouping (Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Luke, Ewok, etc.)  Added red and blue flags - use them how you like to mark figures you want, need, lost, have missing parts, etc. Filter by red of blue flag on the My Minis screen.

iOS New Requirement:
The app requires iOS6 now because the grid layout is iOS6 only. Major code improvements.
Photo Corrections: Aerial Clone Trooper, Darth Malgus.

Hilts are now correct between chrome, gray, and the newer metallic. Lightsabers are also correct between 'green' (appears yellow) and bright green.

Larger iPad tablelist thumbnails.  Set titles with no figures are marked as gray in the set list. Lists are now sorted alphabetically within the ratings and years table sections. Clone Trooper naming is improved.

1.1.1 Update (9/25/2012):

Figures added:
16 new figures including the 8 new ones from the Advent Calendar.

1.0.9 - 1.1.0  (8/10/2012):

minor code changes.

1.0.8 Update (8/1/2012):

Figures added:
All 32 of the Summer wave, and 12 more (Microfigs and 2 promos).

New Features:
Total overall and by year, mark a set as complete, link to Bricklink website info.

1.0.7 Update (2/5/2012):

Figures added:
January Wave of 26 new minifig styles, and two others.

1.0.6 Update (12/20/2011):

SWMinis is now a Universal App! When used on an iPad, the app will automatically adjust to use the larger screen size. Goodbye 2x mode. This was a feature requested by you.

1.0.5 Update (11/20/2011):

Figures added:
Eight including Santa Yoda, Young Han Solo, Dengar from the Super Star Destroyer, and some others released since the summer wave.

1.0.4 Update (9/8/2011):

minor code changes.

1.03 Updates (8/2/2011):

Figures added:
All 34 new Summer 2011 Minifigs!

New Feature:
Find minifig styles in a particular set by set name, number, or year.

1.02 Updates (5/9/2011):

Figures added:
TX-20, R8-B7, Shadow ARF Trooper

Bugs Fixed:
If no 5 star ratings existed and user scrolled to top app crashed

Added Legal notice to this page rather than a link

1.01 Updates (4/25/2011):

Nothing in app. Just fixed iTunes photo listing bug

1.00  (3/19/2011):

First Version.