Thursday, September 12, 2013

MyMinis Series 11 Update

The update for MyMinis for Series 11 went live today. This set of figures is amazing and one of the best in my opinion.  My youngest kid's favorite is the Gingerbread man, so that had to be on the lead screenshot which is below.  It was approved in one day which is a record!

I added extra color to the app and it is important to note that this update supports iOS6 and 'sort of' supports iOS7.  Go ahead and upgrade to iOS7 if you can.

Here are a few more screenshots.

The Touch Guide for the Series 11.

A little color was added all around.

I plan to release an iOS7 only update that uses the iOS7 new design look and feel. However you will automatically get this version (the iOS6 one) if you have iOS6. Both this one and the upcoming one  have identical content and both are for series 11.

There is a new app store capability I just discovered and that was not well known, that allows older versions to remain available for download.  You don't pick a version, but you will automatically download the newest version your device supports. This makes sense if the versions have the same content, as they do in the case for series 11 for this app. I sort of lucked into this by making the iOS6 version first, then upgrading my computer to make an iOS7 only version. I think I can also make an iOS6 version for SWMinis and also an iOS7 version,  but will need to test this.

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