Sunday, September 2, 2012

Series 8 Update for MyMinis

Yesterday the MyMinis update for series 8 was submitted, so it should be live/approved in a little over a week, as currently the app store approval wait time seems to be about 10 days.  I was luckily able to find the figs at a Toys R Us store here in a few days ago, but they then appeared in the Lego store yesterday for the time, so September 1 seems to be the official US release date.  They come in a black bag this time and most of them were easy to find but there were a few surprises.  The Conquistador is my favorite! The Touch Guide in the app will help you find them easily. I also fixed the picture for the Bride in Series 7 as her dress was on backwards, and added some additional pictures to the Series 7 Touch Guide.


  1. Love you work. Is it possible to get the Team GB Olympic special series, that came between Series 7 and 8, added to the app too?

    1. That is easily done, but unfortunately they have not been released worldwide so it would be unfair to non GB collectors to include them in the app as an additional series at this time, as those collectors cannot get them easily. It also opens up a can of worms as to whether other non-series minifigs ought to be included.