Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MyMinis updated with both Series 14 (Monsters) and previous series

MyMinis (iPhone / iPad app) is updated with Series 14 (Monster theme) and the previous series.  The app shows quality photos that depict an easy to compare view of images of the collectable minifig series. These photos are only taken for use only in this app. The photos are of retina quality and look especially amazing on the iPad (a higher res version is used for iPad). You can clearly see the tiny details and mark the figures in your collection. The touch guide is also included and shows the parts that help you identify the hidden figure in the unmarked bags.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SWMinis and MyMinis Updates are Both Submitted and Pending Approval

A very large content update to SWMinis was submitted and is pending approval. If approved it should be live be live around March 14/15th according to current review queue times. I am really sorry it took so long this time. It includes over 80 figures from 32 sets: all the 2015 sets and the remainder of the 2014 sets, including the Sandcrawler UCS and Slave I UCS.

An update to MyMinis for Series 13 was also just submitted. If approved it should be live around Wednesday March 18. It includes the new 16 minfigures and the Touch Guide for Series 13.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MyMinis updated with the new series from May 2014!

The new May 2014 update is here and has the new 16 minfigures. (This is the 13th series that has been released so far.)  Get the app and you will be pleasantly surprised to these minifigs -  you will instantly recognize them!

The previous update in January (the 12th series) was for figures from The LEGO® Movie,  just in time for its release in theaters!  These figures are awesome, and I loved the movie. Here are some screenshots from the app. Of course the touch guide will help you find them too by touch, the best way to find them all!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SWMinis Updated with New 2014 Minfigs

Last week SWMinis was updated with lots of new figures from the 2014 Star Wars sets. Enjoy! TC-4 made it in too.  Also added was the rare Padawan and Holocron Droid from the Yodocron set.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SWMinis Update Live for September 2013 Wave and iOS7

The update for SWMinis version 1.1.3 is finally done and submitted for iOS7 and the September Wave.

This update has four major improvements.

It includes 68 new figures from the recent September 1, 2013 (United States date) release of Star Wars sets. The is the largest content update ever in terms of new figures in one wave.  These new figures are stunning and the quality and detail of printing is amazing.  Our photos really pop on an iPad where you can see all the figure details.

Second, the code has been moved to iOS7. IOS7 is such a large change from iOS6 that it made sense to just move to 7. The app is more stable as a result, and unlike iOS6, almost all devices can upgrade. The user interface has been reworked so it is cleaner, lighter, and more elegant.  (We pulled the app from sale back in September shortly after iOS7 came out, once we noticed it didn't work well with iOS7, as we didn't want folks getting a bad first impression.)

Third, the old character naming and descriptions needed a drastic overhaul, as well as the organization and set placement of the more unusual items like book and polybag figures. The character descriptions as well as many names have redone so they are consistent, easily understood even by someone who is not into the SW universe or Lego, fall into line alphabetically, and allow for  easy comparison between many versions of the same figure name.  The old descriptions were too short and not descriptive enough. The variations between many of the figures are very subtle and needed a clearer description. As you can tell, rewriting almost 600 descriptions took a while. Here is a sample for some droids for instance:

Finally we altered the external site information page to use a simple figure name search.  In this update we have buttons that link to Brickset and Brick Owl. Brickset is a comprehensive site of all sets and figures, and Brick Owl is an easy to use online store where many individuals sell minifigs and Lego bricks. You can easily browse these sites based off the current figure name search results.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

MyMinis Series 11 - iOS7 Version

A second upload of the update for MyMinis was submitted today for review (currently a six day period). This is the same content as the earlier Series 11 update, but this one will let folks with iOS7 devices get that look and feel, while iOS6 folks will be still able to download the iOS6 version. The app store auto chooses the most up to date version that you can actually run on your device. That is a new feature of the app store. Neat!

Here are some screenshots of how the app looks now in iOS7. I 'get it' now in terms of what they were trying to do with iOS7: let the content stand out on its own front and center. The new translucent bars look nice in my opinion.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

MyMinis Series 11 Update

The update for MyMinis for Series 11 went live today. This set of figures is amazing and one of the best in my opinion.  My youngest kid's favorite is the Gingerbread man, so that had to be on the lead screenshot which is below.  It was approved in one day which is a record!

I added extra color to the app and it is important to note that this update supports iOS6 and 'sort of' supports iOS7.  Go ahead and upgrade to iOS7 if you can.

Here are a few more screenshots.

The Touch Guide for the Series 11.

A little color was added all around.

I plan to release an iOS7 only update that uses the iOS7 new design look and feel. However you will automatically get this version (the iOS6 one) if you have iOS6. Both this one and the upcoming one  have identical content and both are for series 11.

There is a new app store capability I just discovered and that was not well known, that allows older versions to remain available for download.  You don't pick a version, but you will automatically download the newest version your device supports. This makes sense if the versions have the same content, as they do in the case for series 11 for this app. I sort of lucked into this by making the iOS6 version first, then upgrading my computer to make an iOS7 only version. I think I can also make an iOS6 version for SWMinis and also an iOS7 version,  but will need to test this.